Hurt EP

by hurt

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EP out on Sonic Funeral Records


released January 13, 2014

Fachrul R A - Vocal
Taufiq M - Guitar
T O Lenggo - Guitar
Rizky P - Bass
Mychel F - Drum

Artwork by Night on Venus
Recorded at Six Beat
Mixed by Mychel F



all rights reserved


hurt Padang, Indonesia

Pain is what makes us alive, and it's hurt

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Track Name: Menace
they come to buy our bullets for destroying us
kept ourself from their menace
Track Name: Puke It Out
come from the top
not used head to think
i'm going to swallowing
with my own hand
not used ears to listen
no process
puke it out
lost control
puke it out
Track Name: Alibis
waiting on a line
too late
pledge allegiance
nothing to keep
what the fuck
you're fuck
you got an alibis
nothing to keep your promise
i'll fight for your indisciplinary
Track Name: Disguise
stare at me with cool smirk
sleek words slowly out of your mouth
released good stuff
down into abyss
beg to be heard your demands
why do i wasting my time
for crappy things i guess
i've had enough
of your bullshit
i'm sick of hoax
get the fuck away from me
i don't need your disguise
Track Name: Shock Reality
stuck on lies
collecting words
daylight robbery
no alternative
slayer mentality
violent reaction
war on the streets
bloody victims
those all happen
again and again
shock reality
no more
end this game
when you fucking end this fucking game?
Track Name: Terror Abuse
you have a closed mind
you valuated me, reproachfully
naughty, savage, lack of chastity
you measure me about how bad i am
i don't care about your words
i don't care about your values
you not even better than me
you the wicked
i don't want to be you
artificial, norm, rule
drowning in your blood
becoming a disease in your body
stop valuating me
i just stay with my own mindset
stop sacrilege me
i just stay with my own direction
that's mean i want to be me
Track Name: Jailed
living under command
like rats in race trying to win
living under pressure
like rats in cage trying to escape
this sick routines in life
make my head going to explode
when i can survive from this control?
release me from this jail